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Why Cat Food and Dog Food is not the Same

While felines and canines have similarly been domesticated from wild ancestors to become the companions to us they are today, each require very specific diets based on their unique...
cat eating cat food, dog eating dog food

What’s In a Mutt? Digging into Dog DNA Tests

We once had to make a best guess about our dog’s ancestry Now, with the availability of DNA tests, there’s no need to wonder A canine DNA test can shed some insight on your dog’s...

Little Pets in the Classroom

Teachers deciding whether to add a bunny, hamster or other small animal into the classroom environment should consider the benefits that having a class pet may instill with the students:...
Small child watching his pet gerbil eating from a green bowl of food

Choosing the Right Bedding

Waste-absorbing litter or bedding is required for most small animal cages Whichever product you decide on, always change the litter or bedding often to keep your pet healthy Many good...
Small pet animal standing in cage, on top of layer of pellet bedding

Making a Home for Your New Small Animal

Your friend will be spending a lot of time in his home Make sure that it is well suited to his needs Guinea pigs, hamsters and gerbils:  bigger is better For your guinea pig, the...
A pet rabbit inside a cage home designed for small animals