Dog Proofing Furniture in Your Home

Taking care to dog-proof your home will give you peace of mind and even make it more pet-friendly. Making some adjustments to your living space will go a long way toward reducing accidents and damage to your furniture. Your pet’s natural instincts are typically the cause of damage.

Assess your home — from a dog's perspective

Dog Proof Furniture - Dog lays on the couch

If there's a piece of furniture your dog favors, place a washable throw over it.

Your pet’s natural instincts are typically the cause of damage. To dog-proof your furniture, start by viewing your home from his point of view. What can he reach and what would he be most attracted to? Many animals are attracted to similar things, so bear in mind these tips as you protect your furniture:

  • Most dogs find favorite places where they can rest. To keep your pet from jumping on to your favorite couch or chair, place a piece of wide masking tape, sticky side up on the furniture. The tape sticks to his paws and annoys him enough to get off the furniture. If that does not work, consider using slipcovers.
  • If you don't want your pet in certain rooms, keep doors closed or install gates to keep him out.
  • If you notice your dog favoring one particular piece of furniture, place a washable throw over that piece. Throws can be inexpensive and fashionable and make for easy clean up without sacrificing your décor.
  • Try using a natural spray deterrent to keep your dog away from certain areas or furniture. These products do not hurt your pet, but produce a smell your pet won't like.

Understand your dog's instincts

  • While there are many items on the market that can help pet-proof your furniture, start first by considering your dog’s behavior. Animals will give in to their natural instincts, so understanding and addressing what those are will help you. Try training your dog using positive reinforcement to stay off the furniture.
  • Dogs tend to chew when they are stressed, bored or anxious, so be sure he is getting plenty of exercise and attention.

Understanding your pet and following the simple tips above can prevent the hassle of daily clean-ups and buying new furniture. Visit the Hartz Facebook page and leave a comment to participate in further discussion.