3 Reasons Why Spring is the Best Season to Bring Home a Cat

Pet adoption is a great idea year-round, but the springtime is especially wonderful.

You've just cleaned out your home thanks to spring cleaning, the weather is sunny and you've gotten your tax return in the mail - all is right with the world! Why not make your life even better by inviting a new friend into it? Consider these reasons for why now is the time to adopt a cat.

1. Kitten season in full swing: Heat cycles for female cats are regulated by the weather, according to MeoowzResQ. Since most cats go into heat around January and February, come April, there are suddenly far more pregnant cats giving birth to kittens. And these adorable baby cats are usually ready for - and in need of - adoption by the time spring is in full bloom. Since this continues through most of the summer, shelters tend to be bursting with kittens and adult cats, and keeping up with the influx can be difficult. By adopting a cat or kitten, you're doing your part to help out your local animal shelter while also giving that animal a loving home.

2. Cats love a sunbeam and so do you: Think about your favorite quiet corners to sit and relax with a book and cup of coffee or tea midday on a weekend. Chances are these spots are chairs, couches, and perches situated by a big, bright window. After a long winter, there's nothing as satisfying as the feeling of warm sunlight on your skin. Cats agree, which is why you so often see them stretched out in sun beams. So now that you two have found a common hobby, feel free to indulge together. Your cat will be more than happy to curl up on your lap in a ray of sun any day!

3. You've got the space: Spring cleaning is great in part because it allows you to suddenly add tens of square feet to your house! Why did you have that ratty old side table in that corner, anyway? And thank goodness you finally ditched that box of magazines! With all this extra space, one of the best things you can do is find a companion to share it with. Now you've got a corner or two you can devote to a litter box or cat tree.

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