The Benefits of a Cat Scratching Post

Though it may not seem like an essential cat accessory at first, you will soon see why a cat scratching post is an indispensable item for feline owners.

A cat scratching post may seem like an innocuous enough piece of furniture. It is, after all, simply a post or board covered in carpeting or roping. Yet this simple item can help reduce so many of the headaches of cat ownership by helping you to redirect your cat’s natural tendencies, thus improving your cat’s health.

Here are some of the things a cat scratching post is helpful for:

  •  For Kittens: Scratching posts are wonderfully helpful for young kittens with a lot of built-up energy. Cat scratching posts provide a vigorous activity for them while giving them something to attach themselves to in the home early on. This will help make their adjustment easier and alleviate any cat behavior problems that might come with a new environment. For these energetic tikes, scratching posts with hanging items for them to play with will help to entice them to use it.
  • For Your Furniture: As many cat owners undoubtedly know, cats love to scratch even if they don’t have a post to do it on. This means that they’ll find something else to claw, often your precious furniture. Bringing a post into the equation can help divert this scratching. Don’t assume, though, that simply setting up a cat scratching post will keep your cat from scratching your furniture. You have to lure him to scratch the post instead. Putting catnip on it, or a treat at the top could help correct this cat behavior problem.
  • For Your Cat’s Health: While it may seem like a pesky habit, scratching is actually great for your cat’s health. Not only does it keep their claws in proper shape, but it is great exercise and a good way to reduce stress. A healthy cat is a cat that is able to scratch without worry, and this is why it is important to have a post.
  • For Common Ground: If you have multiple cats, they will tend to convene at the scratching post, out of mutual interest. This can lead to the cat scratching post being a meeting point, or a place for your cats to convene for play and interaction. A post is a great way to bring your cats together, as all cats love scratching!