4 simple ways you can help out your local animal shelter during kitten season

During the spring and summer, animal shelters all over the country become packed to the brim with an influx of felines, which can stretch their budgets and supplies extremely thin.

If you already have a home filled with furry friends but still want to do your part to help out one of these local organizations, any assistance you can provide will be most appreciated. If you're looking to volunteer or donate, here are a few items and services you should keep in mind during the height of kitten season.

1. Cleaning supplies. One of the biggest expenditures for rescue groups to contend with is maintaining their own standards of cleanliness, which can be a daunting task with hundreds of animals under one roof. Offer anything that can be accepted by these organizations, such as industrial cleaners, paper towels, mops and anything else that you can contribute. Keeping these facilities clean will increase the chances that the animals will find permanent homes and improve their qualities of life.

2. Linens. If you have an old pair of bed sheets or pillows that you have no use for, there is certainly a dog or cat at your local shelter that can make use of it. These products can be used as cage liners, bedding and myriad other purposes throughout the animal shelter. Your old bedding is simply gathering dust in your closet, so consider donating it to improve the comfort level of animals at your local shelter.


3. Become a foster parent. In the midst of kitten season, space is at a premium for many animal welfare organizations, so one of the ways that you can help is by becoming a foster parent. You will be responsible for providing for the dog or cat, as well as assisting in basic training to improve the animal's chances of being adopted. If you have the space in your home and have the patience and dedication necessary to do the job, it's the best way to help out an animal shelter during one of the busiest times of year.


4. Volunteer your media skills. If the shelter has a website, volunteer your time to take a few pictures of video clips of the adoptable kittens. These photos or videos may be a catalyst in finding the cat’s forever home. Better yet, you can donate your old media equipment you aren’t using so the shelter can improve their media capabilities.

As wonderful as it would be to adopt a kitten, if that's out of the question, there are plenty of ways that you can assist your local rescue organizations. Your help will go a long way to ease the stress of volunteers and brighten the day of furry friends near you. Looking for more ways to help your local shelter? Check out the ASPCA’s top 10.

What are some of your favorite ways to help out your local shelter?