Be Sure to Use Flea and Tick Treatments on the Right Pet

It's natural for us to look for any opportunity to save money here and there. But it isn't safe to use flea and tick control treatment for your dog or cat when the treatment is for a different type of animal specifically.

Best Flea and Tick Treatment - Dog and cat sleeping. Keep your pets safe and healthy by keeping them flea and tick free.

Keep your pets safe and healthy by keeping them flea and tick free with the right treatment.

It's understandable that someone may make the leap in thinking what's fine for a dog to take is fine for a cat, but this isn't the case. Some products contain chemicals that are OK for dogs but not for cats and vice versa.

Unfortunately, deaths are recorded each year from owners inadvertently killing their cats by using flea treatment on their felines that was made for dogs.

"These deaths are totally preventable," chief executive of the International Cat Care charity Claire Bessant recently told the U.K. news source Metro. "Pet owners mix up cat and dog products or are simply unaware that you can't use a dog treatment on a cat."

Cats and dogs, while both furry and lovable, fall under very different categories health-wise. According to the pet health resource website Pet Care Rx, cats and dogs need different medication because they have unique metabolic systems. They digest everything from medicine to food differently. It's even suggested that you keep your dog and cat separated for up to 24 hours after an external product has been used in order to prevent any possibility of accidental ingestion.

Best Flea and Tick Treatment - Ginger kitten and terrier dog in grass. Use the right flea and tick treatment on your pet.

There are different treatments for dogs and cats. Be sure to use the correct one.

Finding the Best Flea and Tick Treatment

A wide variety of options. Flea and tick control products on the market include plenty of options for both dogs and cats. You shouldn't feel backed into a corner when you can only find a dog treatment or a cat treatment. For instance, there's the Hartz® UltraGuard Plus® Flea & Tick Dog Shampoo with Aloe as well as the Hartz® UltraGuard® Rid Flea & Tick® Cat Shampoo, so you never have to mix and match treatments and potentially put your animal at risk.

However, the risk of potentially hurting your pet by mixing products shouldn't deter owners from getting their pets proper treatment. If you're diligent about safely using the products, your flea-free and tick-free pets will thank you.

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