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Your Cat’s World: How Your Feline Uses His Senses

Cats have amazing senses, from sight, to smell, to hearing. Learn how your pet cat uses his senses to his advantage. Your cat’s senses are very keen, and are designed to help your feline friend operate smoothly in his environment. From high-powered ears to a sensitive nose, your cat can sense things in ways that […]

The Story Behind Your Cat’s Whiskers

Ever stare at your cat and wonder what the deal is with whiskers? Are they hairs? Are they some weird mammalian form of antenna? What do they even do? You’ve come to the right place for answers. Everything you’ve wanted to know about your cat’s whiskers – but never thought to ask – is right […]

Finding Your Kitten’s Forever Home

If you’re not able to keep him, you need to find the right home for your kitten. She eats solid food, uses the litter box consistently, and everyday she’s entrenching herself deeper in your heart and your life. But, for whatever reason you cannot take in another pet. The ideal home would be a close […]

Cats as Gifts What to Consider

Before you give a family member the gift of a new kitten, make sure you understand the responsibilities. We can certainly understand the thrill of seeing a little girl’s eyes light up as she sees her brand new kitten curled up in her eager arms. A cat can be her best friend, someone who is […]

Bring This New Cat Checklist When You Go to Adopt

Are you getting ready to adopt your very first cat? Since this is probably a brand new process for you, there are a few essentials that might slip under the radar. For instance, catnip, while not essential, is a great way to entertain your cat – but if you’re getting a kitten, hold off on […]

How to Choose a New Cat or Kitten

In the US, we have 69 million pet cats. Is there a perfect cat out there for you? The key is to select a cat or kitten that will adapt well to your environment. Take into account whether you are single, have a family with children, a multi-cat household, or a house with both cats […]

June is Adopt a Cat Month

The American Humane Association estimates that four million cats and kittens end up in the shelters every year. Shelters become overwhelmed with new litters of kittens each spring and summer. To highlight this overcrowding issue, the American Humane Association has promoted Adopt a Cat Month® since 1975. Shelters across the country participate in the cause including […]

Adopting a Cat

Give a cat another chance at life and a loving home. When the time comes to add a new member to your family, adopting a cat is a wonderful alternative to buying one in a pet store. Contrary to the myth that animal shelters are filled with “bad” pets, most shelter and rescue cats are […]

New Cat Checklist

Bringing home a new cat can be both exciting and stressful – some preparation can smooth the transition. It’s time to bring your new cat home – an occasion that can be filled with excitement and stress. With some advanced preparations and research, you can make the transition for both you and your feline friend […]

Cats as Gifts

We can certainly understand the thrill of seeing a little girl’s eyes light up as she sees her brand new kitten curled up in her eager arms. A cat can be her best friend, someone who is there when no one else is, and a way to teach responsibility. Although cats require significantly less attention […]

How to Volunteer at Your Local Animal Shelter

To continue our celebration of Adopt-a-dog month, we’d like to take a few minutes to encourage you to explore volunteer opportunities at your local animal shelter. While walking through an animal shelter can be a heartbreaking experience, it’s also a place of hope. New dogs and cats are adopted every day and are brought to […]

Cuttings costs when adopting your cat

Before you make the decision to adopt a cat, one of the major stumbling blocks you may face is figuring out whether you’re in an ideal financial situation to become a pet owner. Between food, veterinary and other pet-related costs, bringing home a cat is a significant financial investment that you should weigh carefully with your […]

Should you adopt a kitten or an older cat?

There are many cats up for adoption all over the country, so if you are looking to adopt a cat, you may be wondering what age he or she should be. Taking many factors into consideration, such as your lifestyle and your home, you can decide whether it’s best for you and your family to get […]

Tips to Prepare Your Home for a New Kitten.

While most people associate spring and summer with warming temperatures, blooming flowers and the world becoming more lush and green, for animal shelter workers, this is kitten season. During the spring, animal shelters and rescue groups are inundated with kittens and pregnant feline mothers, and this is the time of year when they are most […]

3 Reasons Why Spring is the Best Season to Bring Home a Cat

Pet adoption is a great idea year-round, but the springtime is especially wonderful. You’ve just cleaned out your home thanks to spring cleaning, the weather is sunny and you’ve gotten your tax return in the mail – all is right with the world! Why not make your life even better by inviting a new friend […]