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Planning A Road Trip with Your Cat

By Sandy Robins If you’re planning a road trip over the Labor Day weekend that will include your cat, you can make it stress free by following the Boy Scouts’ motto to “be prepared”. It’s a good idea to own two cat carriers; one exclusively for trips to the vet and another strictly for going […]

Travel Checklist for Your Cat

Prior preparation will smooth the ride. The easiest way to travel with your cat is to make sure that you have a detailed checklist, so that you do not forget any important items.  Below are the must-haves: Food and water Dry food in resealable bags Canned food – to add variety and water to your […]

Should your cat be kept indoors or outside?

If you’ve recently adopted a cat, one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make for your pet’s well-being is deciding whether or not your cat can go outdoors. While you may think that letting your cat outside is a wonderful way for him or her to get exercise and mental stimulation, it will also […]

Flying with Pets

Flying with a pet can be risky business. An airport baggage handler in Reno, NV recently lost her job after refusing to put a sick animal on a plane. Though her supervisors have since reached out to her and commended her actions, the situation brings up an interesting point: whose job is it to look out […]

How to Make Your Garden Cat Friendly

Spring brings the possibility of more time outside with your pets, but what happens if your cat‰’s favorite pastime is to destroy youråÊfavorite flowers? We‰’re here to offer some suggestions of how to plant your garden so it can be enjoyed by both you and your cat. Cats love to be outdoors as much as […]

Importance of Pet-Proofing Your Home

  We love our pets like family, and often times we may not be aware of the many common items in the home that can pose a potential danger to our pets. It is important to pet-proof a home with the same diligence that we use to baby-proof our homes before the arrival of a […]

Keep Your Pets Safe this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so we wanted to remind our fellow pet owners of potential hazards to the furry loves in their lives on this special occasion. Here are a few foods and gifts to keep out of reach of pets to keep them safe and out of the vet’s office during […]

Getting Your Pets Ready for Back to School

What must dogs think when suddenly a huge part of their world disappears? Back to school can be a tough transition for family pets that have become accustomed to having children around all summer. This change can be particularly hard on your dog if your child is starting kindergarten and you are going back to […]

Why does your cat rub against your legs?

If you have a cat, you’re probably in tune to some of his weirdest tendencies, including his crazy response to catnip, the shape he takes when he’s frightened and, of course, his habit of rubbing against you and your guests. When it comes to that last one, there’s an explanation that may help you better […]

4 tips for keeping your pet safe around Halloween

While some might see summer as a prime opportunity to get outside and play with their pets, fall can be just as fun for animals. With proper flea and tick control, dogs and cats can have a good time in the autumn weather around colorful foliage. One holiday that’s celebrated by many households across the country […]

How to successfully create a dog and cat-friendly household

The old myth that dogs and cats can’t get along has hung around for generations, but most pet parents will tell you that both animals have a chance to become fast friends if they are placed in the right environment. Whether you’re looking to introduce a cat to your household with a dog or vice […]

Watching TV with your cat

The weather is perfect for staying indoors. Boiling hot temperatures, high humidity and an unrelenting sun don’t make for fun outdoor excursions, especially when you’re covered with fur! Whether your cat is an outdoors animal or not, it can be tough keeping up with ideas to entertain your pet during the dog days of summer. […]

Summer vacationing with or without your cat

Cat owners tend to have an easier time with day trips and weekend getaways. After all, cats are trained to use their litter boxes and pet parents can buy time-release dishes that fill at set hours. But when it comes to longer vacations, cat owners need to make up their minds: Will their pet come […]

Tips to help keep your yard safe for your pets.

There is nothing quite like the heat of summer, and the warm weather gives pet owners and their animals numerous opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. However, adequate flea and tick control is necessary at all times to ensure that animal wellness is never compromised. Unfortunately, not all dog and cat owners are up to speed on what needs […]

How to Prevent Your Cat from Eating House Plants

Spring is in the air, and for many homeowners this is the time of year when their homes will be decked out with flowers and green plants. Unfortunately, if you own a cat, these plants can be particularly tempting for them to eat when you’re not around, and while some may be safe for your […]