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Milestones in a Puppy’s Development

If you’ve found an orphan puppy, you won’t know exactly how old he is. But you need to make an educated guess so you can determine the kind of care he’ll need. A two-day old puppy needs a completely different of care than a three week old. Once you’ve figured out his age, you’ll know […]

Finding your Puppy’s Forever Family

You’re madly in love with him, but you may not be able to keep him. Get tips for finding the perfect home. As hard as all those late-night feedings were, you’ll find the hardest part still lies ahead of you. Right now, your puppy’s little life is a one big question mark. And you have […]

Orphan Puppy Socialization

When should the puppy meet the rest of the family? What can you do to make him a happy, well-socialized dog? Puppies have a lot in common with their human counterpart. Both puppies and babies need physical and mental stimulation, or they will suffer behavioral and developmental difficulties as they grow up. Dogs are very […]

Let’s Get Warm

Newborn puppies need warmth more than food. Here’s what you need to know about warming him up and creating a cozy nest. Under normal circumstances, neonatal puppies depend on their mom to maintain their body temperature. But your situation is far from normal. Without external heat, it doesn’t take long for a puppy to become […]

What’s Wrong with My Puppy?

Neonatal puppies are so fragile; they can quickly take a bad turn. Keep a close eye on him and call your vet immediately when you first notice trouble. Hold a weigh-in each morning. His weight should increase a little each day. It should never decrease. Take proactive steps to keep your puppy (and your own […]

Bathtime for Puppies

A mother dog spends a lot of time bathing her puppies. Here’s how you can keep your puppy clean. Like any good mom, she washes her babies’ faces after dinner, and (as disgusting as it sounds), she spruces up the nest after they go to the bathroom. Her constant grooming not only keeps them clean, […]

Going to the Bathroom

Puppies under three weeks are going to need your help to go to the bathroom. This is how you do it. When ya gotta go, well, you gotta go. Under normal circumstances, even the tiniest human baby has no problem going to the bathroom. The same can’t be said of neonatal puppies. Pups under three […]

The Importance of Socializing Your Puppy

Written by Dr. Elizabette Cohen, Veterinarian, Radio Personality & Pet Owner. It is incredibly important to socialize your new puppy to prevent some psychological issues from developing and emerging later on in life. What you do now with your puppy can affect him or her as an adult dog forever. An under socialized dog can […]

When should you neuter or spay your puppy?

If you’ve just gotten a puppy and aren’t sure when you should neuter or spay your new pet, you’re not alone: Many new dog owners wonder just when they should spay or neuter their new pet and come across a wide variety of information. Some sources may tout the medical benefits of early neutering while […]

Three Reasons to Crate Your Pup

Adopting a puppy is an incredibly enjoyable experience that is filled with its own pleasures, but it will be your skills as a pet parent that will allow your new companion to adjust to his unfamiliar environment. Crating has become a popular form of dog training since it can work beautifully to help your canine […]