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New Cat Checklist

It’s time to bring your new cat home – an occasion that can be filled with excitement and stress With some advanced preparations and research, you can make the transition for both you...
Newly adopted kitten being cradled in the arms of her necklaced owner

Pet Appreciation Week – June 5-11th

Our pets do a lot more for us than provide unconditional love, they help us relieve stress and encourage us to exercise According to the Centers for Disease Control, pets can decrease your...
Adult cat with dark shades of gray and tan, being pet in appreciation

Cats as Gifts

A cat can be her best friend, someone who is there when no one else is, and a way to teach responsibility Although cats require significantly less attention and work than dogs do, they...
Small kittens can be great gifts for children, but prep your home first

How to Volunteer at Your Local Animal Shelter

New dogs and cats are adopted every day and are brought to caring homes they would never have otherwise found For this reason, animal shelters are among the most important local services in...
At your local shelter, a rescue dog could be waiting for you

Cuttings costs when adopting your cat

Between food, veterinary and other pet-related costs, bringing home a cat is a significant financial investment that you should weigh carefully with your current budget Luckily, there are a...
When hungry, your adopted cat will approach you for food

Should you adopt a kitten or an older cat?

Taking many factors into consideration, such as your lifestyle and your home, you can decide whether it's best for you and your family to get a kitten or an adult cat Who should get an...
Working professionals often appreciate adopting an older cat

3 Unusual Cat Behaviors Explained

Understanding your feline on a deeper level can help you maintain animal wellness and keep your furry friend happy However, not all cat behavior is easy to decipher Here are some of the...
If you see your cat rolling around on the floor, they want to play

Tips to Prepare Your Home for a New Kitten.

During the spring, animal shelters and rescue groups are inundated with kittens and pregnant feline mothers, and this is the time of year when they are most pressed for space and looking...
Before you introduce a new cat to your home, prep it adequately

How to Tell If You’re Ready for a Cat

In fact, cats are one of the most popular types of pets among people who have recently begun living alone, like college graduates and young professionals Far more fun and full of...
Owning a cat for the first time means being ready for the cost