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How to Brush Your Cat’s Teeth

Your cat's teeth should last a lifetime Just a minute or two a day spent brushing your cat's teeth can keep him healthy and save you time and money at your veterinarian's office Signs of...
Cat having its teeth brushed by owner to prevent dental diseases

Understanding Ear Mites

Ear mites are tiny spider-like parasites that commonly infect cats Ear mites are not specific to cats; they can be spread to or acquired from dogs and any other mammalian pets They can...
A ginger kitten biting at her back, suffering from an ear mite infection

How to Treat Your Cat for Ear Mites

These microscopic, white parasites live on the surface ear canal, but sometimes can migrate to other parts of the body like the head and neck Ear mites feed off dirt, wax and tissue fluid...
If you medicate your kitten, you can cure their ear mite infection

How to Treat Your Cat for Intestinal Parasites

Of all the health topics cat owners consider, intestinal worms rarely make the list, especially if the cat stays in the home exclusively and never adventures outdoors It is important to...
Owner bringing their cat to the vet's office for intestinal parasites

Mosquito Bites and Your Cat

Along with the warm and humid days of summer comes the mosquito Although cats seem to be guarded against mosquitoes by their fur, they are vulnerable to bites on their ears and noses As...

Ear Mites and Your Cat

What is an ear mite The ear mite is a cousin to other mites and to ticks Their life cycle is very similar to that of ticks Their full life cycle from egg to adult lasts about 3 weeks,...
Symptoms of ear mites on a cat may include constant scratching

Fleas and Your Cat

What is a flea Fleas are parasites that need to feed off a host’s blood to stay alive There are several types of fleas in the world that feed on different animals, but the most common...
Light orange tabby scratching at an infestation of cat fleas

Cat Parasites and Intestinal Health

Roundworms Roundworms are usually 2 - 4 inches long, tan or white “spaghetti-like” creatures with tapered ends They are the most common type of worm to infect pets, and can cause...
Cats can be infected by species of tapeworms that grow up to 15 feet