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Fleas and Your Cat

What is a flea Fleas are parasites that need to feed off a host’s blood to stay alive There are several types of fleas in the world that feed on different animals, but the most common...
Light orange tabby scratching at an infestation of cat fleas

Cat Parasites and Intestinal Health

Roundworms Roundworms are usually 2 - 4 inches long, tan or white “spaghetti-like” creatures with tapered ends They are the most common type of worm to infect pets, and can cause...
Cats can be infected by species of tapeworms that grow up to 15 feet

Hartz Product Safety

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the government agency responsible for registering, monitoring and reviewing the use of pesticides on pets in the US The EPA rates all flea...
With a low toxicity, Hartz UltraGuard® is safe for dogs and cats. Learn more about Hartz product safety.