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How to Volunteer at Your Local Animal Shelter

New dogs and cats are adopted every day and are brought to caring homes they would never have otherwise found For this reason, animal shelters are among the most important local services in...
At your local shelter, a rescue dog could be waiting for you

What to look for when adopting a family dog

Everything from the size of your home and the ages of your children to the size and personality of the dog you adopt can impact which canine companion you welcome into your...
You and your adopted dog will smile when you bring them home

Spring is the perfect time to adopt a dog

Fortunately, there's a lot of help out there Dog expert Cesar Milan offers guidance on the basics, and Petfinder takes a "get down to business" approach, even offering prospective adoptive...
Older dogs go up for adoption when owners develop allergies

Benefits of adopting an older dog

Many older dogs are not 'problem dogs 'Oftentimes, people assume that if an older dog is in a shelter, he or she has behavioral issues or other problems This if often not the case, as...
Older dogs go up for adoption when owners develop allergies

How to Find the Right Type of Guard Dog

What makes a good guard dog, however, isn't always an angry or territorial disposition A friendly pet with a loud bark can be of exceptional comfort to many dog-owners since - no matter how...
You can find guard dogs among breeds like German Shepherds