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Is there such thing as a hypoallergenic dog?

According to MSNBCcom, a recent study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology performed by researchers at Utrecht University tested 200 supposedly hypoallergenic dogs...
Hypoallergenic dogs do exist, but cleaning your home helps

Five Ways Dogs Can Benefit Your Health

That amazing friend also happens to be a health booster, and not just because he forces you to go for a walk twice a day Over the ages studies have observed how pets help lower blood...
You and your dog can always play games together

Choosing the Right Apartment Dog

Luckily with so many dog breeds out there it is possible to choose the best one suited for this kind of lifestyle We list the top 20 best apartment dogs: • Chihuahua •...
Apartment dogs should be stable and happy, and not too large

Five things all small dog owners should know

Small dogs, just like big dogs, come with their own array of habits, issues and quirks It's not merely that sharp little bark you may have to worry about While a dog is always a worthy...
Being a small dog owner means respecting their size

Adopting a Dog during its Golden Years

When you're thinking of bringing home a furry friend of your own, finding one that matches the speed of your lifestyle and activity level is vital to meet both you and the dog's needs If...

Five Questions to Ask Potential Breeders

Before you commit to a breeder’s contract, invest your heart and soul into your new pet, and the time and money it takes for obedience classes and vaccinations, it’s essential to make...
Choosing the best dog breed and breeder for you

Becoming a Foster Parent for a Pet in Need

Fortunately, you can help! In addition to spaying and neutering your pets, have you thought about becoming a foster parent It’s one of the many ways we can help improve the lives of...
Help homeless pets find a home by fostering them

The Name Game: Choosing a Name for Your Dog

Was it something about the dog that made you decide on a particular name or was your dog given a name simply because it had a nice ring to it Choosing the right name for your dog can be a...
Narrowing down a name for your new dog can be exciting