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Types of Dog Play: The Medium Player

After an hour or so of play they are usually wiped out and may possibly remain calm for the rest of the day It is still important to give them their daily playtime to avoid anxious or bored...
Medium size dogs need more durable toys to play with each other

Types of Dog Play: The Low-Key Player

Trips to the park, zoo, or long walks on the beach will not bode well with this dog It doesn't take much effort to entertain these types of dogs, but these dogs still need stimulation We...
Give your dog a small toy like a velcro ball to get them excited

January is National Train Your Dog Month

Set Up Your Dog to Succeed Setting a feeding schedule in combination with a potty schedule will help your dog adapt to a routine…and make it easy on your busy life Dogs should go...

Summertime Exercise & Your Dog

But we shouldn't always bank on our dogs getting all of their exercise needs taken care of in the summer just because the weather's warmer When you've got the spare afternoon or weekend,...
During the summer, you can train your dog to catch a frisbee

Having Fun Indoors with Your Dog This Summer

The outdoors is filled with smells and excitement, as well as new dogs to play with and old friends to meet But the summer is also the worst time for outdoor pets The sun is hot and...
With a velcro ball, you and your dog can play games indoors

Did you know your dog could get jealous?

A new study revealed that this increased excitement might actually be how Fido lets you know he's jealous of these other animals, the first time evidence has been found to prove jealousy is...
A jealous dog's behavior will change, if you hold another pet

DIY – Doggy Diapers

As consumers continue to find innovative ways to use them for a variety of needs and pets one of these needs is doggy diapers How do you turn a dog pad into a diaper We're glad you asked...
You can improvise doggy diapers for your older dogs