Finding the perfect dog breed – Michael Rosen

When it comes to dogs, some people are drawn to the scruffy; some, to the sleek. Some adore the "ugly" mug of, say, a Bulldog or Mastiff; others, the utterly cutesy face of a Papillon or Shih Tzu. Others prefer white coats to dark, or patches to polka-dots. But we should all remember that appearance doesn't shape a dog's character.

So, if not “looks”, what does determine the ideal dog for your family? That’s a question all of us dog people are frequently asked. So, take a look at this video and see if it can give you a clue!

If your family needs help luring fish into a net for supper get a Portuguese Water Dog. If you hunt wild boar or black bear adopt an Akita. If you frequently find yourself buried under several feet of snow seek out a Saint Bernard. Do your reindeer tend to wander off, you need a Samoyed.

But if you have no need for a dog bred for those tasks, then I suggest any purebred or mixed breed dog that is well trained. Much more than breed or sex or age, the care and time and training a family gives a dog will determine how “perfect” that companion will turn out to be.

So does that mean adopt a dog of any size, age, or energy level? Of course, not. Every family should have what I call “a pre-pet pow wow” it’s an all-family-member town meeting. And it’s then, not when the kids are standing in front of the adorable shelter dogs that a family should discuss what they have to offer a canine member of their pack. How much time does each member have? How much dog-safe space can you provide? How much would you enjoy exercising a dog? How committed are you to training? Would a dog’s shedding, barking, slobber, stubbornness, strength, or other behavior present a significant problem?

Bringing a new dog into your family will be a great addition to your home. I hope that information provided here will help make the decision of which type of dog to choose easier!”

Michael J. Rosen (www.fidosopher.com) is the author of more than 80 books for kids and adults including the recently published MY DOG! A Kid’s Guide to Keeping a Happy & Healthy Pet.