Volunteers at Houston Pets Alive! display puppies available for pet adoption and shelter protection packs donated by Hartz Loving Paws.

Recent Events

In celebration of National Pet Month 2020, we partnered with two Texas-based animal shelters, Houston Pets Alive! and the Humane Society of the New Braunfels Area (HSNBA) to donate Hartz Loving Paws™ Shelter Protection Packs to new dog owners to keep their pets safe and happy this summer in their new furever homes.

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In the News

August 2019
Hartz® volunteers partnered with Rescue Rebuild® to facilitate renovations to the Liberty Humane Society animal shelter in Jersey City, New Jersey.
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January 2019
Hartz employees were on location in the New Orleans area the last week if January 2019, giving back to a local shelter and their pets in need.
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Hartz is committed to supporting no-kill shelters and other community organizations that care for and protect pets until they find their forever homes. Through product donations and volunteer events, we are able to extend our support and make an impact on the health and well-being of companion animals while they are in the guardianship of foster families, sanctuaries and shelters.


We are excited to partner with Rescue Bank® to donate our products and distribute to shelters across the United States and in 2019, we are happy to extend our outreach efforts to a partnership with Rescue Rebuild®. This will give us the opportunity to rehabilitate shelters in need of repairs and renovations in order to improve the lives of pets waiting for adoption and the volunteers who care for them.

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