How to Stop Rampant Chewing

All dogs chew. But if it becomes excessive, you will need to train your dog to redirect his chewing.

To get your dog’s chewing under control, first assess his environment and daily routine. Like barking, dogs will chew out of boredom, loneliness or anxiety. First, try exercising your dog daily to release any extra tension. After that, follow these tips to get your dog’s chewing under control.

  • Provide your dog with adequate chewing toys to keep him occupied.
  • Keep valuable and enticing items out of reach: close doors and cupboards, pick small objects up off the floor.
  • Confine your dog to an area where he has access only to approved chewing toys.
  • Praise your dog when he is chewing on appropriate toys. If you find him chewing on your slipper, calmly swap it out with an appropriate chew toy. Chasing him only turns this into a fun game that he will want to repeat.
  • A lot of chewing takes place right before you come home, when your dog is filled with excitement and anticipation. When you come home, do not praise your dog until he has a toy in his mouth. This will teach him that when he is anticipating your return he should grab a toy, rather than shred your shoes.

While chewing can be extremely aggravating, keep in mind that it is natural and not an indication that your dog is angry with you. Your dog simply has built up energy or anxiety that needs to be redirected.