How to stop your dog from begging at the table

Dogs tend to have a keen sense of smell, will eat just about anything, and love to immerse themselves in whatever their owners are doing.

This, inevitably, can cause problems at the dinner table. Follow these helpful tips to get your dog to stop begging at the table so you can enjoy more relaxing meals.

Don't give in

This is the simplest tip for people who are trying to stop a begging dog, but it can be the hardest to follow. They call them "puppy dog eyes" for a reason, and anyone who's seen a begging dog knows that it's hard to resist slipping a piece of food under the table. However, as soon as you feed a begging dog, you've encouraged your pet to come back for more. Instead, you have to be steadfast in both not giving your dog food and ignoring him altogether.

While this may seem cruel, a dog lurking under the table is seeking both food and attention. It's best not to look at your dog at all while he's begging, as this encourages him to keep coming back. By giving your pet neither food nor attention, you discourage the action as a whole. Don't worry; you can still give your dog all the love and attention your pet craves away from the dinner table, but not during meal times, according to the Dog Whisperer.

Line up feeding times

Another great way to get your dog out from under the table is to feed him at the same time you eat. If your dog is eating his own food, it will be less likely to come looking for yours. You can also put its food bowl in another room further from where you eat to make sure it's less likely to come by and bother you and your guests, notes IAMS.

Stick with it

Dogs are loyal and friendly creatures, but they won't learn a new trick overnight. It's important to stick with a new regimen of training for a while before your dog learns a new behavior, so don't get discouraged if he doesn't catch on right away. Make sure that your dog knows that you're in charge.

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