Keeping Your Dog Happy and Safe on Your Next Camping Excursion

Whether you're planning a week-long excursion into a national park or you're simply roughing it in the woods for a few days, there are some precautionary measures you'll need to consider if you're bringing your dog with you.

While your canine may have no problem adjusting to the great outdoors and all nature has to offer, you'll need to be a responsible pet owner and take a few steps to keep him safe. Flea and tick control is crucial while you're in the woods, in addition to making sure your pet is always hydrated and well-rested. Here are some tips on how to go on a happy, accident-free camping trip with your dog.

  1. Visit your vet before leaving.Vaccinations are crucial before visiting a campsite, and they may even be required by the park. Some facilities request that dog owners have paperwork verifying that their animal is up to date on rabies shots and other vaccinations, according to Pet Education.
  2. Groom your dog regularly.Spot-checking your dog is crucial when it comes to keeping fleas and ticks from making a home within your canine's fur. Whether you've just finished a hike or you've been lounging around the campsite all day, it's important to check your dog's fur for any "black dust," which may actually be fleas. In addition to using your eyes to spot these parasites, consider bringing the Hartz® Groomer's Best® Flea Comb for Dogs along with you for optimal grooming. This comb can remove any fleas and their eggs, keeping them from latching onto your dog after a trip through the woods.
  3. Make sure he's protected against pests.Even if you're only camping in a small patch of woods in your own backyard, your dog is susceptible to fleas and ticks. To keep an infestation from arising, treat him with Hartz® UltraGuard Pro® Flea & Tick Treatment for Dogs. These topical drops can keep ticks, fleas and mosquitoes at bay for up to 30 days.
    Hartz® GROOMER’S BEST® Flea Comb for Cats and Dogs
  4. Tag your dog.The woods are a great place for dogs to roam freely, and unfortunately, this can also result in a headache for pet owners. To make sure your dog doesn't get lost, give him a collar with detailed identification tags.

This content is provided by the pet experts at Hartz. Our professional staff is here to keep you educated on the proper grooming techniques while offering tips to keep your pet happy and healthy.