Keeping Your Senior Dog Happy in Old Age

As the years go by, you’ll come to find that your dog isn’t as limber as he used to be. With age, he won’t be as excitable as a young pup, but that doesn’t mean you should stop physical activity with him altogether. There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to dog wellness as your pet enters his golden years. Take the following tips into account to keep your old pal happy, active and comfortable.

1. Teach your dog new tricks. It’s often said that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but have you ever tried? These animals are remarkably intelligent, even in old age. Just as it goes with people, mental stimulation is crucial to maintain cognitive function, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. To make sure your dog is just as sharp as he was as a puppy, teach him new tricks. Play new games with him to give his mind a little exercise.

2. Be mindful of your furry friend’s body. Just as it is with humans, elderly dogs go through changes with age that make them more susceptible to alterations in their environment, according to NPR. “They’re really like older people,” veterinary behaviorist Nicholas Dodman told the news source. “Older people are often the ones who are the victims of these freezing bouts or extremes of heat. They’re less able to thermoregulate. So we have to take account of that by making sure they have some kind of blanket-like coat or contraption on to keep them warm and not keep them out so long in cold weather. “To make sure your dog stays comfortable in old age, keep these factors in mind.

3. Take healthy preventative measures. Exercise and diet can help keep your dog happy and healthy for longer. Consider incorporating Hartz® Precision Nutrition™ Senior Dog Multivitamins and Hartz® Joint Care™ for Dogs into your pet’s routine to keep him active and happy over time. These will make sure your pet is still getting the nutrients he needs to age gracefully.Don’t skimp on walks and playtime with your dog as well – just because he’s older doesn’t mean he won’t enjoy going for an invigorating run! Keeping your pet active will also help reduce the risk of obesity and other health problems that may come with old age.

How do you ensure your senior companion is happy and healthy?

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Photos by: Celine Nadeau and Greencolander via Flickr