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Hartz® Dura Play® Disc

SKU: 3270015837


  • Exterior is made of smooth, natural latex for durability; interior consists of a unique foam technology for a chewier bouncier toy with an irresistible squeaker
  • Perfect for outdoor interactive fun but also enticing for independent play
  • Contains a squeaker and is bacon scented to get your furry friend playing on all four paws
  • Easy to clean and floats in water
  • This 7 inch wide disc is available in three vibrant colors (green, orange and pink )
green, orange, pink
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Product Description

Dura Play now comes in a new disc shape perfect for games of fetch. Made with durable natural latex that is gentle on teeth and gums, and can withstand hours of outdoor fun for you and your pup. Our classic and unique foam technology enhances durability and allows the disc to float in water making beach trips more exciting. Unlike standard discs, the Dura Play Disc has a squeaker and is bacon-scented. The disc’s vibrant color makes it easy to find when playing outdoors or inside. The smooth grooves also make it easier for pups to catch. It is perfect for medium to large dogs of all ages.

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