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Hartz® GROOMER’S BEST® Hairball Control Shampoo for Cats

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  • Special conditioning formula aids in reducing hairballs by gently washing away excess, loose hair, making brushing easier
  • Includes 15 fluid ounces of fresh scented shampoo
  • Contains microbeads infused with conditioners that moisturize for a silky, shiny coat
Scent Size
Fresh Scent 15 oz.
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Product Description

Splish, splash, give Kitty a bath to cleanse, detangle and prevent hairballs in one easy step. Hartz Groomer’s Best Cat Shampoo has a light, fresh scent and uses microbeads to gently help condition while you lather. The special hairball prevention formula works on cats and kittens of all ages and hair lengths by removing loose locks so they aren’t ingested. Plus, your favorite feline will achieve a silky and shiny cuddle-worthy coat. Now that’s something to purr about.

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