Stay cool with your dog and these 4 summertime activities

As much as summer is about having fun and enjoying the outdoors, there are always days when the sun is so hot that you're scrambling for ideas to stay cool. And, of course, you don't want to leave your dog behind! Need a few suggestions for ways to chill out, even when the mercury is on the rise? Consider these four fun suggestions - all of them dog-friendly.

Go swimming. Not all dogs take to the water like ducks, but if you've never tried swimming with your pet, this is a great opportunity to try it out! Rather than heading to the beach, where waves can be somewhat overwhelming for many pets, find a local lake that's okay with dogs diving into the water along with people. Even if your pet is a dog-paddling veteran, make sure you always observe water safety measures when you're swimming. Petside offered a few useful suggestions, including how to help a timid dog take to the water.

Make dog-friendly popsicles. When you were a kid, the go-to summer snack was always a popsicle. There's no reason it shouldn't still be! And you can even make some tasty frozen treats to share with your dog. There are a variety of fancier recipes online, but all you really need is an ice cube tray and some dog-friendly fruits, like bananas and apples. Mash these up and mix with water before freezing in the tray. Serve and enjoy! It also works with savory frozen treats made with chicken or vegetable broth!

Seek some shade. As you've probably noticed, dogs just love being outdoors. Even when they're exhausted from round after round of catch, they'd much rather hang out under a shady tree and pant or nap than head back indoors. Why not settle in with your pet? Whether it's your backyard or the local dog park, grab a beach chair and your favorite book, then relax and enjoy the breeze. Bring along some water, both for you and your pet.

Stay in. Sometimes the summer sun is going to be too much for you and your pet. Rather than slather on human and dog-friendly sunscreen and brave the heat, why not remain cozy indoors? Turn on the air conditioning and relax with your pet in front of a movie. Near dusk, once the temperature has dropped, head for a long walk.

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