Top 3 ways to perform enrichment training with your dog

Dog training is a continual process that goes long beyond your companion's puppy years and into adulthood.

As important as it is to teach your canine basic commands, if you don't stay up on your regimen, your dog could begin to develop some unwanted habits. It's vital to keep your dog both physically and mentally stimulated each day to avoid a wide range of behavioral issues, which is why it may be wise to practice enrichment training with your dog regularly. Here are a few exercises you can introduce into your daily routine that could have lasting benefits for your pet.

Make treat time more rewarding.

Whether you're considering giving your dog a treat for performing a trick or looking for something to keep him or her busy, stuffed toys are great options that are frozen overnight or filled with a treat your dog will have to get out. According to, this will satiate your dog's need to chew, can reduce boredom and can constructively occupy the canine's time. Additionally, you can do similar food-finding activities like placing treats in a cardboard box and letting the dog tear it apart to find it, or hide treats around the yard or in your house to have him or her find them independently.

Popsicle treats.

Perfect for summer and ideal for keeping your dog busy on a warm day, popsicles made using bullion or Gatorade powder with water and a few fruits and veggies like carrots, celery and green beans are healthy options for your companion. These concoctions can be frozen overnight and you can alter the ingredients daily to give your dog a bit of variety. According to, giving your dog a variety of foods in a package that's a bit more difficult to consume in one sitting can be a great outlet to release pent up energy and stress.

Provide new sniffing spots

One of the problems that many domestic dogs face is the tedium of the same scents, sounds and sensations that come in an indoor environment. A cornerstone of enrichment training is giving your dog a well-rounded atmosphere to experience new things, so try to give your dog a chance to sniff something new each day. The release of endorphins that with these activities can make them happier and healthier in the long run.

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