Top 5 veterinary breakthroughs in the past 10 years

As pet parents, we want what's best for our animals. We'll often go to great lengths to make sure our furry friends are comfortable and happy, including when they're not in the best of health.

We've compiled a list of our top 5 favorite veterinary breakthroughs from the last 10 years.

Stem-Cell Treatment

This is still a controversial subject in the human world, but did you know it is now available for use on your pet? The FDA has so far approved the treatment for animals' orthopedic problems in tendons and ligaments, and for bone fractures and arthritis. Some pets feel better the same day they complete the procedure, and most improve within the week. You can learn more about stem-cell treatments for pets in this article from Time Magazine.

Laser Surgery

Like stem-cell treatment, it's not just for humans anymore! Laser surgery is used in everything from declawing your pet to spays and neuters. "Laser" is an acronym for Light Activation by Stimulated Emission of Radiation and uses concentrated light as a surgical tool.

Breed Test

If you adopted your pet from a shelter, there is a big possibility that its family tree is a total mystery! Though your pup's pedigree doesn't make a difference in your love, it's beneficial to know its breed background. Each breed is predisposed to different health problems; so knowing what to look out for can make a big difference if something seems amiss. Interested? Check out Wisdom Panel's website!

Cancer Vaccine

We wish this vaccine were available for humans! Just like you, your pooch is susceptible to melanoma, specifically called canine oral melanoma. According to one of the researchers who developed the vaccine, not all dogs with melanoma respond to the treatment, however, those that do seem to do very well.

Animal Acupuncture

The American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture says that acupuncture can treat ailments ranging from hip dysplasia and chronic degenerative joint disease to respiratory, gastrointestinal, neurological and urinary tract disorders. That sounds too good to be true! There is more information about animal acupuncture in this article from Time (if it looks familiar, it's because it's the same article that discusses stem-cell treatment.)