Travel Checklist for Your Cat

Prior preparation will smooth the ride.

The easiest way to travel with your cat is to make sure that you have a detailed checklist, so that you do not forget any important items.  Below are the must-haves:

Food and water

  • Dry food in resealable bags
  • Canned food - to add variety and water to your cat’s diet
  • Food and water bowls
  • Water bottles filled with water from home

Litter and accessories

  • Litter box - preferably disposable, which has a waterproof inner lining and is made of biodegradable or recyclable materials
  • Flushable cat litter - which is light weight, can be flushed immediately after scooping and helps to keep your cat's litter box sanitary
  • Litter scoop
  • Cheap whisk broom and dust pan - to sweep up any stray litter
  • Waste bags - to dispose of your cat’s bowel movements.
  • Paper towels

Medications and remedies

  • Any medications your cat may require
  • Calming remedies (herbal remedies, meat- or chicken-flavored treats, catnip)
  • Medical records - especially if you have a cat with a history of health issues
  • Your veterinarian’s phone number - emergency contact information

Miscellaneous items

  • Grooming supplies (wire tooth comb, nail clippers, brushes with pin bristles, cotton balls and ear cleaning solution, eye wipes, cat toothbrush and toothpaste)
  • ID tags - both on your cat’s collar and on your cat's carrier
  • Toys

You will have an enjoyable vacation with your cat if you are prepared for any situation that may arise.  Remembering this basic checklist will help you and your cat remain stress-free.