Walking Your Dog in Style

Going for walks with your dogs is one of the best ways to keep both you AND your dogs healthy. One of the most important accessories to have on a walk is a good leash. That’s why we created our new Revo360⁰ retractable lead.

Have you ever used a retractable lead that is hard to lock, gets tangled easily or is just uncomfortable? We addressed many of the common complaints about leads, and made the Revo360⁰ to be a revolutionary design in retractable leashes. The padded, ergonomically designed grip handle balances the weight of the leash and provides less strain on your hand and wrist as you walk your dog. Walking your dogs will now become a more enjoyable experience for both you and your pets!

Features of the new Revo360⁰ include:

  • One touch lock and release mechanism
  • Reflective tape lead that won’t tangle and keeps you more visible at night
  • Padded grip that is durable and comfortable

Interested in trying out the new Revo360⁰ lead on your next walk? You can learn more about the product by visiting your local Petco and trying the lead out yourself!