Summertime Exercise & Your Dog

During the winter, pet parents browsing online inevitably see article after article about how to keep pets in shape all through the cold season.

But we shouldn't always bank on our dogs getting all of their exercise needs taken care of in the summer just because the weather's warmer. When you've got the spare afternoon or weekend, make sure you do something a little extra special with your dog to help him or her burn off some calories and have a good time.

While these options are all great, make sure you abide by summertime dog safety tips! Keep plenty of water on hand and remember that the sun can be especially taxing on your canine friend. In fact, dogs can even be susceptible to sunburn, so dog-friendly sunscreen is a must. Dog owners with Pugs or other short-snouted breeds will want to be especially careful not to overexert their companions, since these breeds can sometimes experience heath troubles when overheated.

The local dog park. Let's start with an easy one: When the weather's nice, where would you or your pet rather be than a wide-open space with lots of other friendly pups to hang out with? Brush up on your dog park etiquette and head out to your local canine stomping grounds.

On a jog with you. If you think your pet is up for it, you might want to consider jogging together. This often takes some work and training, especially when it comes to pacing. While your dog might be a speed demon when chasing after a tennis ball, not all pets are quite as good with stamina, so experienced joggers should start slow with their dogs.

The doggy gym. If you live in the city, your opportunity for dog parks may be slightly more limited. And running along the streets of Manhattan with your pet probably isn't all that tempting, either. In these cases, there's always the doggy gym to escape to! This is especially handy on hot days when the sun is just a bit too intense to have any fun outside. You can look up dog gyms in your area and find out what activities or programs they have to offer your pet.

A day trip. City dog or country dog, there's nothing our pets love more than adventures. Why not load up the car for a day trip to the beach or some other exotic locale - or, exotic to your dog, anyway! Just grab your dog travel checklist and pick a fun and pet-friendly destination to roam! This content post is provided by the pet experts at Hartz.