How to Let Your Indoor Cat Enjoy the Great Outdoors

For many cat owners, keeping their pets indoors is a wise decision that spares their cats from the many risks of being allowed to roam outdoors.

However, for some pet parents, being able to let their cats outdoors during the spring and summer is a way to provide physical and mental stimulation that an indoor environment simply cannot match. If you're willing to deal with your cat begging to go outdoors all the time, there are a variety of ways you can indulge him or her safely. Here are a few tips to give your cat a chance to enjoy your natural surroundings.

Cat outdoors - Cat outside running in the grass

Letting your indoor cat outside has risks. But there are ways for your kitty to safely enjoy the natural surroundings.

Build a cat enclosure. For those individuals with large yards in rural areas, there are a variety of animals and other hazards that could pose a problem for cats, so recommends building a cat enclosure outside of your home. There are many companies that sell outdoor cages and custom-made enclosures that can be connected to your home and will offer a pathway to the outdoors. This will provide a safe spot for your cat to watch wildlife and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Construct a catio. For those in urban areas, giving their cats a view to the outdoors may be a bit difficult, but many cat owners have gotten around this problem by constructing a catio. Begin by reinforcing the balcony or patio with wire or screens to prevent your cat from escaping. Then, add cat furniture like cat trees, shelves and scratching posts to give your pet plenty of chances to climb and gain a good view of his or her surroundings. For a project that can come together easily in an afternoon, this cat-friendly addition to your home could provide many years of fun for your cat.

Use a leash or harness. If your cat has the temperament to be led outdoors on a leash, it's certainly worth a shot to see whether or not your pet can tolerate it. While it may seem silly at first, after getting your cat used to wearing the harness or leash around the house, you can try walking around outdoors as well. Begin in your yard and gradually go a bit farther with each walk to give your cat a chance to enjoy his or her environment and get a bit of extra exercise in the process. See our previous blog post on leash training your cat.

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