What to know before flea bombing

It's easier to deal with fleas at the first sight of the little black pests, but sometimes, a flea infestation can grow out of control very quickly.

When fleas overtake every nook and cranny of your home, the most effective way to eliminate them is with a flea bomb or fogger. While using a bomb or fogger in your house can be a time-consuming experience, it's also a safe and ultimately easy way to solve your pesky flea infestation.

However, there are a few preparation steps you need to take before using a flea bomb or fogger.

Clear the room
Before flea bombing your home, remove all food-handling items, such as dishes and utensils, from their cabinets, or cover them with plastic bags. Surfaces that regularly handle food, like kitchen counters, should also be covered with plastic. Pet beds, crates, carriers and toys should be removed from the house, as well as small appliances and any unopened food.
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Next, take all of your clothes and linens out of the closet and place them in laundry bags, sealing the tops tightly. It's best to take these clothes to the laundromat or dry cleaner while your home is being flea bombed. Pet bedding should also be thoroughly washed, as this is where fleas are likely to hide.

Turn it off
All sources of ignition, such as the pilot light or other open flames, should be turned off. The pilot light can be turned off by shutting down the gas valves. Large appliances like the refrigerator, thermostat and air conditioning unit should be unplugged.

Open doors and close windows
Any type of cabinet in your home should be opened. Doors to every room also need to remain open so the bomb or fogger fumes can seep into the area and do their flea-eliminating work. Meanwhile, every window in your home should be closed and secured to prevent fleas from escaping – they'll only come right back in once the bombing is over.
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Take your pet
The fumes of flea bombs and foggers are too powerful for humans and animals, so you must take your four-legged friend out of the house with you during the procedure. Before bringing your pet back into the house, you'll need to open all the windows to ventilate the home for at least 30 minutes.

This content is provided by the flea and tick experts at Hartz. We believe in offering safe, effective and affordable parasite prevention for every dog and cat.