Toilet Training a Cat - In 7 Easy Steps

Toilet training your cat is not difficult to do. It only requires some time, patience, and the right tools.

Toilet Training a Cat - Cat with paw in toilet

When toilet training a cat, it's best to let them dictate when to advance to the next step.

We’ve outlined how to toilet train your cat in 7 easy steps. This toilet training process will mold your cat’s behavior and transition them into using the toilet gently (and hopefully cleanly!) for you.

Try out the method below on how to train a cat to use the toilet, and see if it works for you and your feline.

Step One

Move your cat’s litter box to a spot right next to the toilet. Make sure your cat is comfortable using this litter box and keep it there for as long as you feel necessary for your cat to get used to the new spot.

Pro-Tip: Go slow. If your cat gets confused he or she may find a place in your home to “go” where they feel more secure. A couple of these accidents and it may be hard to break this bad habit, so let your pet dictate when to advance to the next step. Remember, toilet training a cat requires patience.

Step Two

Raise the height of the litter box gradually. Every time you raise the height of the litter box, remove a little.

Pro-Tip: Secure the litter box to the phone books or a stack of newspapers so that it doesn’t move when your cat jumps onto it.

Step Three

Gradually move the litter box 1 inch closer to the toilet each day until the box is directly over the seat. Continue removing the litter from the box until there is only a thin layer, no more than 1 inch deep.

Step Four

Replace your litter box with a “training box”. Make sure the training box can hold your cat’s weight. There are a few options for you here. You can make your own or buy one of the numerous commercial training devices available. Here is how to create your training box:

  • Lift the toilet seat and tape a piece of wax paper covering the whole toilet seat.
  • Add flushable litter to the wax paper.
  • Lift the toilet seat and tape a bowl or aluminum pan to the edges. Put down the toilet seat to hold the pan in place. Add some flushable litter to the pan.

Pro-Tip: Clean out the litter after each use and add some catnip to the clean litter.

Toilet Training a Cat - Cat on toilet

Rewarding them with treats will help in toilet training cats.

Step Five

Transition to your cat using only the toilet each time. Cut a hole in the wax paper or aluminum pan about one inch in the center and gradually increase the size of the hole until the cover is almost gone. As you reduce the size of the cover, decrease the amount of litter so there is no litter when the paper or bowl is removed.

Step Six

Flush the toilet after each use by your cat.

Pro-Tip: Do not teach your cat to flush the toilet. Although cats can learn to flush, they sometimes enjoy it a little too much – wasting water.

Step Seven

Give your pet a treat! Rewarding your cat for a job well done is essential to their success.

Pro-Tip: If your cat is a little apprehensive about the water in the bowl, add some litter to the water and your cat will associate the smell with his litter box.

Download the Infographic on How to Train a Cat to Use the Toilet in 7 Steps

Toilet Training a Cat - 7 Steps Infographic screenshot

Click here to download the PDF of this infographic.

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