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Hartz® Flip Top Cat Litter Pan

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  • Flip top design helps keep litter inside the pan to reduce tracking
  • Low sides make it easy for cats to enter and exit
  • Lightweight and portable, plus easy to wipe or spray clean
  • Ideal for basic litter pan needs and multiple cats
  • Use with Hartz litter pan liners (sold separately) for even quicker, more simple cleanup!
purple / beige
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Product Description

The Hartz Flip Top Cat Litter Pan features a sturdy, plastic construction with a wide base for extra stability. The inverted rim helps to keep litter inside the pan and reduce tracking so your kitty can be a part of the clean paws club. The lightweight, portable design is easy to spray or wipe clean. Ideal for single or multiple cat households. Use with Hartz litter pan liners (sold separately) for even quicker, more simple cleanup!

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