3 Dog Sitting Tips to Help You Care for a Friend's Pet

It’s the season for vacations and weekend getaways. You might have a friend or a family member who has recently asked you to take care of his or her furry companion while they are away on a trip.

Learn routines and look for signs when you care for a friend's pet, such as a dog carrying a leash in his mouth.

Dogs like routine. A pup carrying a leash may mean he wants to go for a walk.

While you may be thrilled at the prospect of having a dog around for a few days, there is a certain amount of care and attention that must go into taking care of a pet. Here are some tips on how to dog sit for your loved one and ensure that everything goes smoothly:

  1. Learn the routine: Every pet owner will likely tell you that his or her dog is used to a certain routine when it comes to everything from eating to walking. CesarsWay.com reports that routines are part of what makes dogs tick. That being said, it's important that you familiarize yourself with your temporary pet's routine before you bring him home. Doing so can help you make sure the dog is comfortable in his new surroundings.
  2. Treat your pets for fleas: If you have a cat or a dog at home and you intend on bringing in a new animal, it's a good idea to treat your pets for fleas and ticks before introducing the other dog to your home. Make sure the visiting pet is protected as well.
  3. Bring home familiar toys and treats: To make sure your friend or family member's pet has a good time while away on his own little vacation, bring along his toys and treats from home to create a familiar environment.

In the end, taking these tips into consideration can make sure that your dog-sitting arrangement goes smoothly. What other tips would you add to this list?