Celebrating the Holiday with Your Dog: Safety Tips and Fun Ideas

The holiday season is a time for giving. Of course, you’ll want to include your beloved dog in the celebrations.

Holidays Dogs - Closeup of dachshund dog in front of a Christmas tree during the holidays.

Keeping holiday decorations out of your dog's reach can help ensure a great holiday for everyone.

Whether you are trying to decide on the perfect gift or how to keep your dog safe around the holiday confusion, these simple guidelines can help make your holiday the best yet.

Holidays, Dogs & Mishaps: How to Avoid Them

Holidays, Dogs & Gift-Giving

  • When to Give. Only show your dog her gift when you are ready to give it. Teasing can make her unnecessarily excited and confused.
  • Treats & Toys. Treat your dog to a new toy, flavored bone, or a new leash. Make sure that all toys and treats are size appropriate.
  • Holiday Gift Guide. Check out our Dog Stocking Stuffers and Gift Ideas, a holiday pet gift guide that includes stocking stuffers and presents that are sure to please tail-waggers and whisker-lickers alike.
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