The Best Holiday Gifts for Cats & Dogs

With the pawliday season upon us, it’s the purrfect time to spoil your four-legged family members, even if they’ve been a little naughty!

Pet Gifts - Dog and cat with Christmas lights.

Giving your pets gifts during the holidays is a way of showing your appreciation for them.

Cats and dogs might not realize what the spirit of Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa is all about, but they sure can sense the excitement.

With so many cat toys and dog treats to choose from, playing Santa Paws can feel a bit overwhelming. We’ve simplified your shopping with our holiday pet gift guide: a list of stocking stuffers and presents that are sure to please tail-waggers and whisker-lickers alike.

So get Fido and Fluffy in on the festivities with special surprises that make them feel appreciated.

Dog Stocking Stuffers and Gift Ideas

  1. A Very Merry Variety
    Some pups enjoy the comfort of plush toys; others love a simple classic like balls; some prefer a toy and treat all in one! If you’re planning to pamper your pooch with more than one gift, mix it up with different play patterns (comfort & security, tug, chew, toss & retrieve). This is especially smart if you’ve just welcomed a new furry friend into your home and aren and rockets, Squeakerz stuffing-free plush, the Tuff Stuff Nose Divers, as well as the Treat Bouncer, for determined dogs that are up for a challenge (with a tasty reward, of course!)
    Hartz® Tuff Stuff® Flyer
  2. Long-lasting Chews
    Got a dog that loves to chew, chew, chew? We do too. The Chew ‘n Clean suite of toys provides boredom-relieving chewing action combined with dental cleaning! They’re paw-sitively perfect for dogs of all ages with special toys for teething puppies and power chewers.

    Searching for a treat instead? Oinkies provide fun, chewing entertainment and are hand rolled from 100% real pig skin, which means they’re rawhide free! Twist up your pup’s treat stash with all of the lip-smacking flavors (original smoked, bacon, beef, chicken).

  3. Presents for the Pint-sized and Oversized
    Giving a small toy to a large dog can cause a choking hazard. Similarly, a toy that’s too big for your dog can be too heavy or awkward to play with. For pint-sized pals, consider the Tiny Dog line of toys that are specially sized for smaller dogs. If you’re a parent to a bigger breed, extra-large toys like the Tug of Fun make for excellent interactive play sessions.
  4. Senior Dog Treats
    For older dogs that might be less interested in toys, Oinkies Tender Treats boast a softer, chewy texture than traditional pigskin dog chews and are wrapped with 100% real chicken to boost the flavor factor.

Cat Stocking Stuffers and Gift Ideas

  1. Crazy for Catnip
    Is your kitty getting ready to hibernate during the holidays? Well, when the catnip comes out, nap time will officially be over. Know what's better than catnip alone? Silver vine plus catnip! 91% of cats respond to a combination of silver vine and catnip and the Hartz Cattractions line offers toys for every play pattern to super-charge your feline's next play session.
  2. Feather Frenzy
    It’s no secret that cats can’t resist feathers. These wispy wavers tempt your playful kitty to indulge in her natural hunting instincts. Combining feathers with even just a bit of realistic wildlife likeness, like the Roll-A-Bout Mouse, provides plenty of activity and exercise, plus special bonding time with your kitty companion.

    For a more interactive experience, wands with feathers are an irresistible target for curious kitties, and keep them agile and alert, while letting you get in on the fun! The Twirl & Whirl Wand features a variety of textures with feathers, bells and colorful designs to capture your cat’s attention. It even has a catnip-filled toy to keep your companion coming back for more pawsome action.

  3. Feline Hideaways
    It’s important to make sure you have adequate hiding places available for your cat, whether you have a solo pet or multiple felines. Sometimes cats want to be visible, and other times they need a safe retreat. The Peek 'N Play is the purrfect pop-up hideaway for your furry friend. This unique activity center promotes both individual and interactive play. It includes two hanging toys for swatting, three holes for peeking, and a detachable crinkle mat for scratching.
    Hartz Just For Cats® 13 Piece Variety Pack Cat Toy
  4. Their Own Holiday Dinner
    When you sit down for your holiday dinner, don’t forget your favorite feline. Delectables are a great compliment that makes any ordinary meal more special! This gourmet lickable treat combines tender, real chicken and succulent, plump fish in three purr-worthy textures: bisque (smooth), stew (hearty) and chowder (creamy). Each recipe boasts nutritious and flavorful ingredients delectably blended for easy-to-lap eating with items for kitten, adult, and senior life stages.
Delectables™ Lickable Treat – Chowder Tuna & Whitefish
Delectables™ Lickable Treat - Bisque - Chicken & Beef - Non-Seafood Recipe