Dog Toys 101

When you go to adopt your first dog, there are a few things you'll be leaving the animal shelter with. These include essentials like a leash and collar, as well as pet ID tags and perhaps a sleeve of tennis balls.

In fact, the right Hartz® dog toys can be almost as important to your pet's well-being as tags or the right flea and tick care! After all, these toys do more than just entertain your new pet. They help him or her learn, stay active, and allow the two of you to enjoy bonding time together. Want a little help finding the right dog toys for you and your new friend? While your home's newest addition is sure to have plenty of toys over the years, consider some of these tips to help you start him or her off right.

Variety is the spice of life- There are a lot of different dog toys out there, as a quick perusal online will tell you. Options abound for indoor and outdoor toys, plush versus rubber, chewy and squeaky, tooth cleaning and tuggable! The best option here is to pick from a variety of different toys. Offer your pet a dental chew alongside a furry hedgehog that squeaks up a storm. And you'll definitely want a braided tug-of-war rope for rainy days, just like you'll want plenty of balls for pleasant outdoor weather. You may just need to buy your dog a toy chest!

Teaching a new dog old tricks - While all of the latest newfangled dog toys can be just as exciting for owners as the dogs themselves, sometimes the old ways are best. Remember that there's nothing quite as satisfying for your dog as chasing a tennis ball through the backyard or embarking on a long walk on a local trail. Your dog is going to be twice as happy to spend time with you as with his or her toys, after all.

Cleanliness is next to godliness- Over the years, you're going to be doing a lot of dog toy maintenance. Unfortunately, you can't task your pet with this job, so get on the dishwashing gloves and be ready to scrub away the slobber. Make sure you discard any toys that have been ripped up or chewed down enough to present choking hazards. Toys are meant for play and not eating! Hartz® has all of the dog toy cleaning advice you need, so check out how you can keep your pet's in tip-top shape.