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Why Cat Food and Dog Food is not the Same

While felines and canines have similarly been domesticated from wild ancestors to become the companions to us they are today, each require very specific diets based on their unique...
cat eating cat food, dog eating dog food

How to Safely Remove Ticks from Cats and Dogs

Learn the do’s and don’ts of removing these pesky parasites, as well as how to protect your cat or dog and their environment to prevent future infestation Checking for Ticks When...

Safe Usage is Crucial with Flea & Tick Products

Some products are only available from a veterinarian while others can be purchased at retail These products include ingredients that kill adult and immature stages of pests, as well as...
After receiving a flea and tick treatment, tabby cat goes roaming outside

Know How to use Dog Treats Properly in Training

Dog training can be a difficult process to get right Delicate balances need to be struck between expectation and reward, incentive and instinct But if you’re worried about spoiling your...
During training, puppy receiving dog treats as a reward for his obedience

11 Fall Pet Dangers to Avoid

The crisp chill of autumn is upon us, that means changing leaves, cozy sweaters, and lots of holidays But along with all that excitement comes some dangers for your adorable pooch and kitty...
In the autumn, your dog could succumb to mushroom poisoning

How to Trim Your Dog’s Nails

Your dog may not like to have his paws touched, but trimming his nails need not become an ordeal Ease into the job by handling your puppy's paws on a regular basis so that she gets...
Dog's paw and nails stretched out at a visit to the vet's office

What are Hot Spots and How to Treat Them?

Written by Dr Elizabette Cohen, Veterinarian, Radio Personality & Pet Owner Have you ever had an itch so intense you couldn’t leave it alone We all know better than to scratch a...
A dog with three hot spots on its paw, going to the vet for a treatment

Making a Pet First Aid Kit for Cats and Dogs

While you should take your pet to the veterinarian for any major ailments, it is important to be prepared to handle all facets of health and safety To do this, you should keep a pet first...
Medical supplies you need during a pet emergency, at the vet's office