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How to Enjoy Summer Fun with Your Dog

If your dog joins you regularly on excursions, it’s worth investing in his own kit that you can grab and go just as you would do for kids Invest in a doggie backpack with a leash...
During the summer, your dog may enjoy running along the beach

Understanding Dog Play Behaviors

To determine the kind of toys your dog will most enjoy and benefit from, first consider his personality and play behavior Your dog will most likely fall into one of three categories,...
Jumping to catch a tennis ball at the park, dog exhibits playful behavior

Dealing with Possessive Toy Behavior

Possessive toy behavior can be as non threatening as a dog’s avoidance when you try to take his toy away or it can be as serious as growling and snapping when you approach him In either...
A dog exhibiting possessive behavior, with a chew toy in their mouth

Mind Your Manners: Begging

Jason volunteers at the John A Bukowski Shelter for Animals in Bloomfield, NJ and provides in-home, private obedience training and behavior modification He specializes in housebreaking,...
Small dog being house trained to eat from a bowl on command

Separation Anxiety

It happens every time you leave the house Your normally sweet Fido morphs into a canine catastrophe: chewing, barking, urinating, destroying household items and terrorizing your other pets...