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Sleeping with Pets

Approximately three-quarters – 71 percent – of respondents said that they sleep with their pets at night, mattress company Novosbed found The analysis was performed to help recognize...
Sleeping with your dogs will bond you together all the more

Give Your Dog A Fresh Start

For humans, the goals aren't necessarily just about losing weight They may decide to improve eating habits, exercise more or take better care of their teeth You dog could also benefit from...
Start this New Years by learning how to brush your dog's teeth

How to speak Dog

In fact, various studies have shown that it is fairly easy to recognize and interpret how a dog is feeling simply by observing its behavior intently A recent report released by the...
Dogs have varying personality traits, just like human beings

Helping your dog find a purpose in life

While the American Kennel Club (AKC) identifies breeds such as the Chinook, Rottweiler and Saint Bernard as working dogs, it's true that all dogs work, whether it's in the field, on your...
Working dog breeds, like the Rottweiler, were meant to protect

What’s the best collar for your dog?

Picking the right collar and leash for your dog can make taking walks with your new furry friend more enjoyable as well as reduces the strain of training Depending on the size, energy level...
The best collar for your dog will be one that fits them properly

Tips for training a shelter or rescue dog

While there's information available about some shelter pets, some may have mysterious pasts, so try to be aware of what may have happened to your pet Tips for getting to know your...
Shelter dogs up for adoption may be nervous in your home

How can I pick the ideal playmate for my dog?

Of course, not every canine playmate will be a good match for your new pet, so it's important to know what kinds of dogs are ideal matches for your dog during playtime based on their size,...
Pairing together similar breeds is how you can socialize your dog

How to handle your dog’s separation anxiety

However, for many new pet parents, it's a shock to find that some dogs may experience separation anxiety, which causes them to act out in unexpected ways when their owners are...
Deal with your dog's separaton anxiety by feeding before leaving