Catering to the Needs of Your Cat in an Urban Apartment

Cats are often seen as highly-independent creatures that don't need nearly as much supervision as dogs, but there are a variety of important roles you'll need to play as a pet parent, especially if you're living in an urban area.

If you live in a major city and you're mulling over the idea of adopting a cat, you'll have to make a few changes to your abode to accommodate your new pet. After all, unless you're making the big bucks, your apartment is going to be on the smaller side, so you'll need to make a few adjustments and possibly add some pet supplies to your home to ensure your cat's overall well-being and avoid any feline health concerns. Here are a few ways to get the ball rolling.

1. Invest in cat furniture. Since you may be working with a limited amount of space in your apartment, it may be best to build upward. Cat trees and other forms of shelving can be placed into corners or around windows to give your pet a better view of his or her terrain, as well as a place to exercise and climb around. These furnishings are best next to windows, as your cat will have a better view to the outdoors and enjoy a bit more mental stimulation throughout the day. Last but not least, choose new cat toys to hide inside the compartments of your cat tree to turn the furnishing into an interactive environment.

2. Litter box location. In a small apartment, staying on top of litter box maintenance will be key to creating a happy and healthy home. Of course, since you don't want this new addition to be obtrusive, consider picking up a litter box holder that will keep your cat's box in a hidden location. Put down a small rubber mat underneath as well, as your cat could begin to track some of the litter outside of the box, which could end up all over your living room if you're not careful.

3. Scratching posts. If you have a bit more space to work with, fill up the remainder of your apartment with scratching posts. These items will help your cat nurture his or her instinct to trim and groom nails, instead of taking out frustrations on your furniture instead. Posts are available in the standard model that you place on the ground, but there are also smaller ones that you can hang on a doorknob to help meet your cat's needs.

This content is provided by the pet wellness experts at Hartz. We know that adopting a dog or cat is a huge commitment, so we're here to help you feel confident and become the best pet parent you can be.