Hartz® Nodor™ Litter Spray Has Cat Parents Saying Goodbye to Cat Litter Odor

Hartz listened to cat parents and learned that litter odor was one of their biggest concerns.

We then looked at the products available in the litter aisle and realized that most of the products are designed to just cover up the odor. So Hartz scientists set out to develop a product to actually eliminate the odor instead of covering it with fragrance. After almost two years of testing and research, Hartz finally had a product that allows cat parents to say goodbye to cat litter odor.

How it works:

  • Hartz® Nodor™ utilizes a proprietary technology for Pet Malodor Control. This proprietary compound works on contact to entrap malodor molecules. This unique ingredient “surrounds” malodor molecules such as mercaptans, sufides, amines and certain aldehydes found in pet malodor to permanently encapsulate them.
  • With this technology, the process of odor elimination occurs immediately upon contact with the offensive odor molecules.
  • Safety testing shows that this compound is safe for use around pets.

Proven efficacy:

  • Hartz® funded independent testing to determine the odor elimination of Nodor™ vs. leading cat litter deodorizers.
  • Consistent amounts of product and malodor were combined within an enclosed area.
  • UV Spectroscopy was used to measure the concentration (parts per million) of malodor that was released in the space despite the presence of the deodorizer.

The Result:

Hartz® Nodor™ Eliminates 8x More Malodor than leading deodorizers.