Hartz® volunteers partnered with Rescue Rebuild® - Liberty Humane Society Animal Shelter in Jersey City, NJ

During August 2019, Forty Hartz volunteers over five days donated their time to improve the lives of cats waiting for adoption and the volunteers who care for them.

The cat room makeover included:

Installing tile floors and cleanable wall surfaces,

hartz rescue rebuild cats

Building and painting cubbies benches and other design elements to make the room fun for potential adopters and cats alike.

hartz rescue rebuild cats

In addition to fun paint colors, the room also received an upgrade in storage area with new shelving, cabinets, a sink and drying racks to make the space more organized and practical.

hartz rescue rebuild

A stairway makeover was also completed with new non-slip tread covers and warm and welcoming paint colors to usher the potential adopters up into the wonderful new cat room.