Keeping your Pooch in Shape

Now that spring is here, you may be thinking about getting into the swing of things and embracing your workout routine.

Woman holding a bicycle and a dog on a leash

On-leash biking is is one of the many activities that can improve dog wellness and keep you both in shape.

However, there's no reason that you should leave your dog at home while you're working on your beach bod! According to the ASPCA, there are many engaging activities that can improve dog wellness and help your furry friend lose a few extra pounds. Here are a few suggestions that can shake up your workout routine and help your canine get in on the act.

On-leash biking
Going for a long bike ride with your dog in tow is a wonderful way to let off some steam. While this can work if you're biking through a park or a traffic-free suburban area, it can be difficult when you're dealing with high levels of traffic. As a result, many pet wellness companies now manufacture bike leash holders that elevate the leash a foot or two away from the bike frame. This will allow your pooch to run alongside you without having the leash or your pooch getting tangled up with you.

Obstacle courses
Whether you create your own using furniture and boxes in your yard, or explore a course in your community, this is a wonderful way to improve your dog's agility, reports Whisking your dog through one of these courses will give you a surprising amount of exercise and it can help your canine release a bit of pent-up energy.

Border collie dog and a woman on an agility field for wellness

Obstacle courses can release pent-up energy, while giving you giving you and your pup a workout.

Fishing line
Start by removing the hooks from your fishing pole and then attach one of your dog's chew toys to the end. You can then go in the front yard and practice your cast, while your dog races back and forth trying to chase after the toy.

On an especially hot day, nothing will make you or your pooch happier than going to take a dip in the nearest lake. Bring along a tennis ball that your dog can chase into the water and bring back to you to help him increase his heart rate. After a long winter, you and your canine may need to lose a bit of weight, but now is the best time to amp up your fitness level.

Using these fun activities, you can create many warm memories and finally get back in shape when it's time to hit the beach. How do you combine you and your pooch’s workout routine?