Protecting Your Dogs in Cold Weather

Did you know that December 22 is National Keep Pets Safe day?

Black and white dog outside in the cold weather

One of the ways to protect your dog in the cold winter is to make sure they have an I.D. and are microchipped.

With temperatures dropping, we're covering what you can do to make sure your furry friend is protected! Below are a few of our favorite tips provided by the ASPCA.

It is surprising to hear that more dogs are lost during winter than during any other season. You cannot always avoid your dog getting lost, but one way to make sure you can easily find them is to ensure he always wears up-to date ID tags or has a micro-chip that will aid in locating your pooch easily.

With snow and leaves on the ground during winter, it can be hard to know what your dog is exposed to on daily walks. There are many dangerous agents on the ground during this time of year, such as salt or antifreeze. You can avoid these dangers by wiping your dog's legs and stomach dry when he comes inside, as he can ingest dangerous chemicals while licking his paws.

Usually thought of as a summer threat, it is important to not leave your dog alone in the car during cold weather as well. A car can hold in the cold and refrigerate the animal causing severe consequences for your pets' health.

We hope these tips will help you and your pets stay safe during the winter months to come. For more tips, click here to visit the ASPCA's list of cold weather best practices.