Top 5 Tips for Dog Boarders This Summer

Spring and summer is the time of year when many families will jet off to a vacation location, and oftentimes it's not cost-effective or enjoyable for your dog to come along.

Dog Boarder - German shepherd dog in pet hotel

Make sure to visit the dog boarding facility yourself. Check the building's cleanliness and security.

Dog boarding is sometimes the best course of action when leaving for an extended period of time. But there is plenty of preparation beforehand to ensure that your pet is going to a safe and enjoyable place. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing a boarding facility.

  1. Visit the business beforehand. According to Prevention magazine, you should do extensive research like checking online reviews, asking fellow pet owners, and visiting the facility yourself. Be on the lookout for a lack of supervision, the building's state of cleanliness, and that the building itself is secure. If you get a good feeling about the place and its employees, there's a good chance they are worth your time and money.
  2. Activities. Being stuck in a cage during your entire trip certainly isn't a vacation for your dog, so inquire with the boarding facility's staff to see what kinds of activities the dogs will participate in while you're gone. Look for outdoor areas where dogs can play and stretch their legs, and inquire about daily dog walking policies to see if your pet will get plenty of exercise.
  3. Food and toy requirements. If your dog happens to be a picky eater, inquire with the boarding facility staff to see whether you can provide a supply of your dog's food while you're away. This could ease some of your pet's anxiety of being in a new place and you can stick with your tried and true diet. Additionally, consider bringing along a few toys and a blanket from home.

    Dog Boarders - A female staff member supervises several large dogs playing together

    Look for outdoor play areas and ask about daily walking policies to ensure your pet gets exercise.

  4. Provide emergency information. According to, before you set off on your family vacation, provide the dog boarding facility with as much emergency information as possible, including your cell phone numbers, the number of the hotel you'll be staying at, as well as an emergency contact at home that can take care of any pet-related issues while you're away.
  5. Thank the employees. Taking care of dozens of dogs is no walk in the park, so make sure you provide a nice tip to the people who walked, bathed and looked after your dog during your trip, or simply drop off a card to thank them for all of their hard work!

What is the most important thing to you when choosing a place to board your pets?

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