Types of Dog Play: The Low-Key Player

This is the last installment in our ‰”Types of Dog Play‰” series. So far, we‰’ve gone over the behaviors and toy preferences of two other types of dogs including the high-maintenance player and the medium player dog. Last week we covered the medium player dog and which toys are best for him. This week we will be covering the low key player dog and which types of toys go well with this dog‰Ûªs personality.

Low-key dogs love to play for a short period of time before it‰Ûªs time for a nap.Trips to the park, zoo, or long walks on the beach will not bode well with this dog. It doesn‰Ûªt take much effort to entertain these types of dogs, but these dogs still need stimulation. We have the perfect toys to give your dog the excitement he needs before falling into a deep slumber.

Squeaky toys or stuffed animals work well for this type of dog because their low levels of durability are a good match to your dog‰Ûªs low level of destruction. The soft and cuddly Hartzå¨ Hedgehog is a great gift for your low-key dog because the squeaker inside will keep your dog entertained for days on end! These toys may even become companionsåÊfor your low-key dog.

If your low-key pet has a little bit more energy, you might look for a toy with a little bit more fight in it and a little bit more durability. Our classic Run ‰Û÷N RompTM dog toys come in an assortment of colorful characters, and each toy is constructed of durable canvas on the outside, soft polyester on the inside, and a squeaker for added fun!

Both of these toys will provide your dog with the stimulus it requires daily, and a little extra fun on the side! Low-key players are great dogs to have for a low-key owner. If you like to lie on the couch and watch the game, your low key dog is more than likely going to be right there with you on your lap.

These dogs have loving and laid back personalities, and with the right stimulation from their furry friends, their personalities can be enjoyed easily by you and the rest of your family.