Finding the Best Spot for the Litter Box

As you're learning how to housetrain a kitten, you know that location is key.

Placing the litter box in an area where your new companion doesn't want to go undermines the process of house training. It can be frustrating, but some patience and a clear head will allow you to find the perfect spot.

Understand the mentality

Generally speaking, cats prefer having a quiet, private area where they can do their business. This can help guide you as to where to put the litter box. Boxiecat pointed out that high-traffic or loud areas of the home are not good places for the litter box. This includes otherwise isolated spaces where there are laundry machines or other loud appliances. Instead, look for quieter places where your kitten can us the litter box in peace.

Additionally, if you have another cat, you should think about keeping your pets' respective litter boxes apart if one pet is more dominant. The alpha cat may exert his territorial control over the other litter box if it's too close to his own. Therefore, keeping the boxes apart is advised.

Make it accessible

Animal Planet pointed out that owners may be inclined to stow the boxes out of sight, but warned against this mentality. Easily accessible litter boxes are important in making sure that your pet will use the product. Making it difficult to reach only complicates matters for your furry friend, which will likely make clean-up harder for you.

Having an accessible litter box also means giving your pet the ability to escape if they feel threatened. Therefore, you shouldn't place the box in a location that's cornered or blocked off. Providing plenty of room to run if they're scared will help him feel safer and encourage him to use the box properly.

Remember to clean

Keeping a clean litter box is just as important as location. Cats are clean creatures, and a dirty litter box isn't something they'd want to step into. Additionally, cleaning the litter box will help you keep an eye on your cat's health.

If you have limited living space, finding the best location for your cat's litter box may be difficult. However, persistence, patience and understanding will keep you from becoming too frustrated and will allow you to find the perfect spot. After all, perfect placement of the litter box makes life easier for you and your cat.