Having Fun Indoors with Your Dog This Summer

The outdoors is filled with smells and excitement, as well as new dogs to play with and old friends to meet. But the summer is also the worst time for outdoor pets.

How to play with dog indoors - Dog holding on to Hartz® Dura Play® Tug of Fun® with teeth, woman's shoes in background

Even indoors, dogs love a good tussle, and will enjoy an game of tug of war.

The sun is hot and unforgiving on a dog's full coat, and when temperatures jump into the nineties and above, you may just want to keep your canine companion indoors with the air conditioning.

How to Play with Your Dog Indoors

So what's a great way to play with your pooch through the summer heat waves? Consider some of these fantastic games.

  1. Hide and seek tag. While you may never teach your dog to count to ten before coming after you, he or she is sure to be ready for a quick run through a few rooms. Take any breakable vases and store them somewhere stable, then get grab a treat and have your pooch chase after you for it. No need to run, but playfully hiding under a few blankets or behind an ajar closet door makes for some fun sleuthing on your pet's part.
  2. Tug of war and wrestling. These can be great fun if you've got a carpeted surface. Dogs love a good tussle, especially when it's followed by a game of tug of war. Ten minutes of this with your canine friend will leave him or her good and winded for a while!
  3. Teach your dog a trick. Whether it's a useful command that's grown a bit rusty over the years or a brand new show-dog routine, take some time to teach your friend something new. Use a familiar rewards system to keep him or her engaged and be sure to stay consistent. Who knows, this bit of indoor play could lead straight to Westminster!

    How to play with dog indoors - Dog holding on to Hartz® Dura Play® Tug of Fun® with teeth, woman's shoes in background

    When teaching your pooch something new, reward them with a treat to keep them engaged.

  4. Invite a friend over... But not one of yours. Instead have a friend of your pooch's come for a visit (with chaperone of course). Just make sure that your pet and this canine pal are familiar and friendly enough with one another to avoid jealousy or territorial scrapes.

This article is brought to you by the pet behavior experts at Hartz. When it comes to training your dog and cat, our knowledge and experience is guaranteed to make the process easy, smooth and fun!

What is your dog's favorite way to pass some time indoors?

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