Lost Our Home Pet Rescue Gets New Cat Rooms to Help Cats Feel at Home Until They Are Home – Tempe, Arizona

Thanks to Rescue Rebuild® and some financial support from Hartz®, the Lost Our Home Pet Rescue received a makeover of five cat rooms in September, 2021.

Cats can now spend time getting use to a home, thanks to Rescue Rebuild refurbishing the cat rooms at Lost Our Home Pet Rescue, each with their own household theme; a kitchen, bedrooms, living room and a playroom.

These new rooms, which emulate the different rooms of a household, will help cats in their transition from shelter to home, while providing enrichment and places to hide and play.  Prospective cat parents will be able to meet and greet the cats in a happy environment, and happy pets can make happier homes.  

rescue rebuild refurbished cat bedroom, Tempe, Arizona
Each refurbished room was designed with a household theme to provide each shelter cat more of a feeling of home.
Office themed cat playroom. Hartz,  Rescue Rebuild
The office themed room is ready for cats to get to work playing.
Living room themed cat shelter play area
A living room is ready and inviting for cats and their prospective cat parents.